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Jeweler’s Rouge for Gold & Silver Polishing – Fine Coloring

jewelers rouge as I expected so that it is.a big 1 pound block of jeweler’s rouge. I use our in conjuction with any kind of leather belt to grow my knife edges, and get fantastic results. I likewise use this with polishing pieces on my rotary accessory to polish my jewelery myself. With the size this product, it end up being a long time until now I have to bring home more. A great value, this is, for someone that uses jeweler’s rouge.

Also known as Yellow Rouge, Jewelers Rouge was initially originally developed for the jewellery trade for buffing soft, fine and precious other metals to produce a brilliant, high lustrous finish. Doing this extremely fine compound won’t scratch or cut outside the finest or softest of metals. Use inside gold, silver, platinum, and then brass.

BFor Very Light fixture Buffing and Shades on Jewelry-Grade Metals/BBRBRJewelers Rouge is to get solid or plated, hold and a really to remove light weight scratches and draw out the color. On occasion follows White Vermeil on aluminum in addition to stainless steel for your highest possible excel. Used on Canton flannel or napped Were Bob (spin a complete felt bob trying to fight a screwdriver cutting tool to soften i would say the bob). Technique suggestion: Move the spend wheel rotation earlier final inspection for your highest shine. Produced in the USA.

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